We have now moved to 6a La Colomberie where all collections will now take place


Looking for the perfect cake for your big day? At Flour, we offer a more modern approach to wedding cakes. Out with the old fruit cake styles of the 1900's and in with a simpler, freshly baked alternative. We've got a selection of exciting flavour combinations that we've hand crafted that you'll love. Or we can create a completely bespoke flavour for your very own custom wedding cake. You'll welcome a sponge cake alternative, no need to store that top tier of your old wedding fruit cake for your first borns christening any longer. You and your guests can indulge away, and we'll still be there to bake for all your future celebrations too!

Get in touch using the contact form below to enquire or view our brochure using the link below showing all the options and ideas you could ever need all lovingly designed in a fun digital book full of pictures and illustrations, the most exciting short story you'll ever read - because its yours!