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At FLOUR we like to make sure that everyone can enjoy our products no matter what allergy or intolerance you may have. We operate in an open kitchen but do all in our power to eliminate any cross contamination with allergens to provide a trusted service to our customers and insure you have a safe experience when purchasing and consuming our products. There are 14 food allergens in total, some of which apply to some or all of our products. A list of the 14 allergens can be found here - https://www.food.gov.uk/sites/default/files/media/document/top-allergy-types.pdf


Below you will find a link to our allergen guide. Along the left-hand side of the table you will find our products and along the top of the table you will see specified allergens. If the product contains any of the allergens along the top of the table there will be a tick in the relevant box to identify if that allergen is contained within the product. For example, Banoffee flavour cupcake contains gluten, eggs, dairy and soya so on that line there is a tick underneath those allergens to alert you of what allergens are contained in that flavour cupcake.


Allergen Guide 


If you need any help with understanding our guide or need any assistance to make sure you are confident in what you are ordering please do not hesitate to call us on (01534) 877501 or email us at hello@flourpatisserie.co.uk with any questions you may have.


*Please note that we buy our raw ingredients from outside suppliers and as much as we check any composite ingredients on delivery, some of our suppliers may also operate in an open kitchen or factory set up so some trace allergens may be apparent. For severe allergies, please contact us so we can assist you on the best way to order safely.



Our vegan goods contain no ingredients that have come from any animal products. These products are dairy free. We use plant based butter substitutes and almond or soya milk within our bakes.


NGCI – Non Gluten Containing Ingredients

Here at FLOUR we take our customers allergies and intolerances very seriously. As we are an open kitchen it is not possible for us to call any of our products gluten free. We use the same oven and fridges as our other non free from produce to bake and store these goods. We take every precaution to separate these goods and store them in designated, sealed and clearly labelled sections of our fridges. Therefore, for the benefit of anyone with a gluten intolerance or allergy we refer to these products as Non Gluten Containing Ingredients. This means that all of the ingredients we use are free from gluten, but they are not produced in a completely gluten free environment. If you have a severe gluten allergy (i.e. Coeliac) please contact us for more information.